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18 12, 2011

CCW Logo Design

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One of our designers has a life long friend who’s mother started a business from home. The friend asked our studio to create a logo for the home based business. We came up with a design that is both fun, playful, and creative. She now uses the logo design on all of the candy wrappers she creates. Her business is doing very well and she loves the logo design we made for her.


Visit her website here – Classy Candy Wrappers

20 11, 2011

Ecycle Logo Design

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Dallas Logo Design from time to time is hired to concept designs for possible company brands. A development firm approached us to concept a logo design for a company that is producing a Ecycle that is electric powered and is a “green” alternative to motorcycles and scooters. Our art director Kevin came up with one concept that we are very proud of. The company has still not chosen a logo design so we are not sure if they will be using this logo to brand their product but we think this is the best of the design options.


17 09, 2011

CRS Logo Design

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CRS Logo Design Euless, TX

Our Dallas Logo Design team just finished a project for a game development studio based in Euless Texas. We have been working with them over the last few weeks on a Logo Design for their marketing materials and business cards. CRS is very happy with the design and we are too. Here is a few of the thumbnail designs we came up with in the process.

28 08, 2011

Alliance Logo Design

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Alliance Logo Design Dallas

Dallas Logo Design has finished a new logo design for a Dallas based music school called Alliance Music Academy. This design went through many different phases of comps over a period of about two weeks. The principal of the school worked with us closely to perfect the logo design. He had some very good ideas and ultimately we all worked together to produce what we believe is a solid logo.  We are confident that this will help the public image of Alliance and will work to improve all of their marketing efforts.


11 08, 2011

Elite Logo Design

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Elite Logo Design Dallas, TX

We are happy to present the latest Logo Design that our team has wrapped up. This logo was created for a Dallas based valet company called Elite Valet Inc. They requested a logo that had a bold and “elite” look to it. Our senior designer Robert came up with the initial design. From there our team refined the design. Elite is very pleased with the final result as are we. The logo design will be used on their polo shirts, fitted ball caps, and business cards.

Our web design department also just launched their corporate website –




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